Music and Movement Classes for Babies and Toddlers from 6 months to 4 years.  

Buzzi Bouncebox is a fun, secure, safe, nurturing environment where parents/carers and children can enjoy an interactive musical experience together. Our classes run weekly during school term time and are 45 minutes long. We offer classes for   Under 2s and Over 2s in a number of different locations around Cork.

Buzzi Bouncebox is a  fun music and movement class where your child will sing, dance, and play musical instruments to their favorite nursery rhymes and songs!

Each week has a different theme which exposes your child to different language and vocabulary, different instruments for developing fine and gross motor skills, our movement and action songs promote listening skills, develop a sense of rhythm and so much more!

 The best part is it is done through fun and play and gives you time to interact, sing and dance with your little one! Our classes are fully interactive and involve both the adults and the children. This is a perfect opportunity to spend some special time with your little ones and watch them learn and grow. 




Each Buzzi Bounce Box class offers your child an opportunity to develop key skills that they need as they grow and thrive!
Some of the benefits from our classes include: 
  • Social and Emotional Development 
  • Cognitive Development
  • Early Numeracy and Literacy Skills
  • Language Development
  • Physical Development
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills 
Our classes are specifically designed to allow your child to build on these skills all while having fun.
Our programs help children develop at their own pace and have positive, fun interactions with other children 
Our Class Teachers have years of experience working with children across different settings and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to enrich our classes. 
You’ll find more information on our class locations below.